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 My bags:

- All bags are made with my own drafted patterns and are mostly made using upcycled fabrics and bits and pieces....I like turning things that would otherwise be discarded into something useful again, not to mention pretty.

Handle sizes: At the moment I have two lengths....Carry and Shoulder.
A carry length handle means it's a great length to hold in your hands - perfect for project bags, children, and everyday use.
Shoulder length is a longer handle that also sits comfortably over your shoulder should you wish to carry your bag that way too.

Bag sizes: All of my bags are big enough to carry a good amount of things ie. knitting, everyday essentials, nappies and wipes etc. I do also have taller/deeper bags available and do also make split compartment bags.

Custom: I am happy to do custom orders (different length handles, sizes) but as most fabrics are retro/vintage I usually don't find alot of each so fabric you may have seen previously is not always possible. I can always source new fabrics though in your requested styles/colors etc.

Closures: All bags have the option of a plastic snap being added so you can close the top of the bag if you wish.

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