Custom order Information
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Custom orders are available by either buying a listing spot or by contacting me directly.

Knitting information: My knitted items are charged at 'price of yarn' + .10cents per metre knitted......this makes it fair for both me and buyer. It also leaves room for negotiation when asking for a custom order - I can use a lower priced yarn, reduce meterage by using a lacy pattern etc.

Items available that are created from my own personal designs.

Pictures/examples of these items can be found in the 'Galleries' section link below.

Crocheted bonnets, Chevron jackets - newborn, Christmas wreath, Softies/toys, back scrubbers and wash cloths....

These are the items I am licensed/have permission to offer for sale/custom order.

Knits - Versa, IvyAnna, Breezy - Designer Shannon Passmore
Knit - Parasol skirt - CozyWoolies
Knits - Elena Nodelís designs inc maxi dress, ruffled summer top. (I currently only take custom orders on some designs)

Knit - Spring butterfly - designer craftyweewifey

Crochet - booties, cloche etc Holland designs

I also knit/crochet from many other designs....

I will work closely with you to provide your vision as best as I can discussing your certain needs and ideas!
Please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your wishes...

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